Perfect serve

When a customer orders a glass of sparkling wine or Champagne in your outlet, they’re not just paying for what is in their glass: The excitement as the cork pops, the fizz as the bubbles rise up through the glass, the smiles from other diners wondering what the cause for celebration is.  The same is true when ordering a glass of wine:  Presenting the bottle at the table, the glug of the wine, swirling the wine in the glass, inhaling the deep aromas before sipping …

When drinking/dining out, the ‘theatre’ of wine is a key element in the purchase decision.  Unlike other wine preservation solutions, Bermar’s Le Verre de Vin and Pod Bar systems work independently of the bottles of wine themselves.  This means our flexible professional wine preservation solutions allow you to provide a Perfect serve for your customers – even when serving by the glass.

Benefits to your business

  • Enhances the overall dining experience.
  • Highlights your professionalism and wine service.
  • Maintains the “theatre of wine” and ensures a great experience for customers (vital in today’s environment of increasing demand for high quality service.)
  • Particularly effective for selling sparkling wines and Champagnes by the flute: Customers are reassured by the ‘pop’ of the cork which bottles resealed with our systems have every time.
  • Customers are reassured seeing the wine poured in front of them, especially for high price point wines.  This encourages repeat purchase.

Implementing ‘Perfect Serve’ in your business

Staff training is a vital element to the successful implementation of ‘Perfect Serve’ in your business.  All front of house staff should be trained appropriately.  Here is our guide to the perfect serve:

  1. Bring the wine bottle to the table.
  2. Stand next to the person who ordered it.
  3. Present the label to them so they can approve it.
  4. Open the bottle while standing at the table. Act with care and open it professionally.
  5. Slowly remove the cork. Place it on the table so the person who ordered it can smell it.
  6. Pour a small amount of wine in the glass of the person who ordered it. They will swirl it around in the glass and taste it. Wait for their approval.
  7. Give wine to everyone at the table who wants it. End with the person who ordered it.

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