Young’s Brewery

During my 6 years as an Area Manager with Young’s Brewery, I was very fortunate to be heavily involved in a number of the major development projects. Working with key suppliers often plays a big part in these investments, as getting all aspects of the offer right is essential for success. As our guests confidence and knowledge around wine grew, so did the need to evolve the quality and range of our wines on offer. By sharing some of our vision with our key suppliers, it helps them to understand how best they can work with & support you.

Bermar have been a great testament to exactly that. The introduction of their product, played a huge part in helping us develop & expand our wine, sparkling and champagne offer. This, coupled with an un-rivalled level of training, service and support when needed, proved to be part of a winning formula in growing this category. It is this previous experience and knowledge of how professional and supportive Bermar have been in the past, that I have had no hesitation in involving them again within my new role, as Head of F&B within Haven Holidays UK.

Mick Newton


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